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Police Officer Craig Lehner drowned while conducting a training dive in the Niagara River, in the area of Broderick Park and Bird Island Pier.

Members of the agency’s Underwater Recovery Team were conducting a regularly scheduled training exercise in swift water currents. Officer Lehner entered the water as part of the training but failed to surface after his safety cable broke while he was submerged.

Officer Lehner’s body was recovered on October 17th, 2017, during a massive recovery effort involving over 20 local, state, federal, and Canadian law enforcement agencies.

Officer Lehner was a veteran of the Army National Guard. He had served with the Buffalo Police Department for nine years and was assigned to the Canine Unit. He is survived by his mother, brother, sisters, friends and extended family.



Scholarship Deadline: ROLLING FOR 2023

Scholarship Criteria:

  1. High academic achievement
  2. Financial need
  3. Played sports
  4. Active candidate in his/her community
  5. wishes to pursue a law enforcement, law, political science or criminal justice course of study beyond high school. Scholarships are not awarded to persons entitled to a tuition-free education.
  6. A 3.0 (B) average upon completing the two-year high school component
  7. A 90% attendance rate throughout the high school component.
  8. A minimum of at least two teacher recommendations
  9. Required Essay outlining who they are and why they believe that they would be a good candidate for the scholarship.

Scholarship Committee: (Craig’s family)

Donna Lehner
Mike Lehner Jr.
Tommy Champion
Andre Samoel
Lucia Esquilin
Juliana Morelli

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