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The STAR program is a partnership between Buffalo PAL and Literacy Buffalo Niagara. This program provides weekly enrichment activities that develop the behaviors of strong readers. Activities emphasize vocabulary building, fluency, and comprehension. The overall goal of the program is to get our youth reading for fun and to “Share the Act of Reading”.

November Dates Locations Times

11/9     Hennepin Center                4:30-6:30pm

11/10    Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

11/16    Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

11/17    Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

11/18    Lincoln Field House          4:30-6:30pm

11/30    Machnica Center               4:30-6:30pm

December Dates Locations Times

12/1      Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

12/2      Lincoln Field House          4:30-6:30pm

12/7      Lincoln Field House          4:30-6:30pm

12/8      Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

12/9      Lincoln Field House          4:30-6:30pm

12/14    Hennepin Center                4:30-6:30pm

12/15    Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

12/16    Lincoln Field House          4:30-6:30pm

12/21    Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

12/22    Asarese-Matters Center    4:30-6:30pm

12/23    Lincoln Field House          4:30-6:30pm

Please check the Calendar for more program dates, times, and Community Center Locations!