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Our program is designed to teach life lessons through the game of chess while improving social behaviors,  interactions and skills. We focus on how the pieces move and capture which requires some strategic planning ability. Our coaching staff provides the knowledge, guidance, and support for each student to become successful. We want to show them something different and reassure them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. 


Date: Time: Location:
11-Oct 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
13-Oct 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
18-Oct 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
20-Oct 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
25-Oct 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
27-Oct 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
1-Nov 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
3-Nov 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
8-Nov 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
10-Nov 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
15-Nov 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
17-Nov 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
22-Nov 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
24-Nov Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving 
29-Nov 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
1-Dec 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
6-Dec 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
8-Dec 530pm-7pm Machnica Center
13-Dec 530pm-7pm Liccoln Center
15-Dec 530pm-7pm Machnica Center

The Opportunity 

The Black Knights Chess Association is a membership-based program. To become a member, you must meet the minimum requirements. 

  •  Must be age 8-18  ( younger/older students may be permitted based on abilities to understand and learn chess)
  •  Must have successfully completed BKCA chess course 
  •  Must have a thorough understanding of chess 
  •  Must be able to attend meetings 
  •  Must be able to pay membership fees